100% Micellar Casein 5lbs, Chocolate Back


Enjoy 100% Micellar Casein Protein from the well-known USA brand American Pure Whey. Oter multi-phase proteins are loaded with fats, carbohydrates and worst of all, cheap and inferior protein from unsafe sources. With this micellar casein supplement, every scoop is guaranteed to be delicious and contains 26 grams of slow-acting protein for higher sustained BCAA uptake. It is a natural source of amino acids and is made of the highest-quality blend of proteins that supplies your muscles with lasting amino acid delivery, half the carbs and fat of the leading competitor. This is a perfect choice for bodybuilders who want nothing but the best.



Supplement Facts


Highest quality micellar casein
26g of protein per serving
Extremely high biological value
Fortified with glutamine peptides to further support muscle tissue integrity and immune system efficiency Aspartame free
Rich in Branch chain amino acids and Glutamine
Rich in immune system enhancing protein fractions


Consume 3-4 scoops every day


Consume 1-2 scoops with 12 oz. of water

Flavor and Price


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